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let’s sneak in

i think I can legally go but what would i do

- missed BAP in Dallas
- Chelsea Houska is in Houston tonight appearing at a club but I have no one to go with nor can I drink



Fun shark attack facts:

  • In 1996, toilets injured 43,000 Americans a year. Sharks injured 13.
  • In 1996, 2,600 Americans were injured by room fresheners. Sharks injured 13.
  • In 1996, buckets and pails injured almost 11,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
  • For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks.


  1. Humans are assholes.
  2. Sharks are not assholes.
  3. Apparently everyone in 1996 lived in a real-life infomercial.



This was my favorite thing ever.

A Korean movie, addressing how ridiculous Korean dramas are, recycling the same twist and sad ending- and that one guy at the end is just like NOPE, I’M DONE, and storms off.

What movie is this??


me when I find a new obsession 



"I don’t like Aomine"